He gives a comprehensive review of the SYMT program


This is my honest review of the “Save My Marriage Today” program. Amy said the single largest reason for couples to break-up is due to unrealistic expectations and also communication skills. I tend to agree.

She showed me the course that she put together on marriage saving strategies and I was impressed. I had a good look over the SMMT program and was happy someone had come up with a full inclusion course. It covers all the fundamental issues plus many of the unexpected ones that can jeopardize the love and security of your marriage.

Amy’s style helps couples young and old repair their marriage problems. It’s quite normal for marriages to go through cycles. Arguments will happen from time to time.

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Emily and Andrew talk about how their marriage was saved


Emily and Andrew were having problems with the marriage. We tried everything to make it work. It wasn’t working until we came upon the “Save My Marriage Today” product.

It goes over everything from how to rescue the marriage, how to reduce taxes. We found that gestures are more important than words.

Before even finished reading, I’ve recommended it to everyone that I know. This could turn your life around. This is just a fraction of the cost to hire a counselor.

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Raymond discusses Save The Marriage book


You’re her because your marriage is in trouble and you’re looking for help.  I’m no marriage expert by any means. I’ve been married to the same woman for 22 years. We’re still in love however had very difficult moments.  We’ve come close to separating and decided to stick it out.

I can tell you that this “Save the Marriage” book is one I wish I had ten years ago. Just reading through it now, i can see all the things that we struggled with for so many years. It’s like a weight has been lifted off both of us.

I’m a full time graduate student.  I’m aiming to get my masters degree in pastoral counseling.  I can tell you that I’ve gone through an extensive amount of counseling material.  I have books over on my shelf that are great books. I’m telling you now that this “Save The Marriage” book just blows me away.

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Sanna Reviews The Save Marriage Program By Amy Waterman


I wanted to do an addition to my review on the Save My Marriage Today program by Amy Waterman. As I’ve been enjoying the material,  The more I’ve been thinking how beneficial it is for a person like myself. Perhaps it will be helpful to a person like you. I’m a traveler and move around with my computer, this program is a good fit for me. You can carry the  program with you and download parts. You can read the program over again.

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